Use of logo

1.1 Original Victron Energy logo

The original Victron Energy logo must be used on a white background and with sufficient white space. The Victron Energy logo can be downloaded from our website:

1.2 Improper use of logo example

The examples below show an improper use of the Victron Energy logo. Please make sure not to use the logo as in the examples below:

Do not use the old version of our logo. The old version, shown at the left image, can be recognized at the large white space between the words 'Victron Energy' and 'BLUE POWER'.

The colour of the Sine wave cannot be changed into any other colour then the colour blue as described in chapter 1.1 on a white background. For use of the logo on another colour background, please see the instructions in chapter 1.3

The Victron Energy logo must maintain maximum visibility over any background colour. Please see chapter 1.3 for the best colour combinations that can to be used.

The Sine wave from the Victron Energy logo may not be placed above the text 'Victron Energy'.

1.3 Examples of proper use of logo

The Victron Energy logo may be used in the following colour combinations, depending on the background colour

Original logo: Sine wave blue and and text 'Victron Energy' 'BLUE POWER' in black.

Sine wave and text 'Victron Energy' 'BLUE POWER' in the same colour blue.

Sine wave and text 'Victron Energy' 'BLUE POWER' in black

Sine wave and text 'Victron Energy' 'BLUE POWER' in white.

1.4 Minimum logo width

The minimum width of the Victron Energy logo with the pay-off 'BLUE POWER' is 32.7 mm.

When there is less space for the logo, the logo should be used without the pay-off 'BLUE POWER', see in the example below.

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